Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Seriousness - Another of Humanities Great Achievements

I’ve never been prone to violence.  Well that’s not quite true.  I grew up with a raging temper, playing hockey in Canada.  But somehow I grew out of it and turned into a committed pacifist.

This has never stopped my inside voice from occasionally talking in violent terms.  I’m fully aware of the concept that violent thoughts and communication beget violence itself.  And I do curb this kind of thinking most times now.  Suzanne’s master plan to contort me into being quintessentially new age is fully engaged. 

But sometimes I have interactions with humans that conjure up the verboten violence deep inside my little brain.

I’ve got a real issue with people who take themselves way too serious. 

Want a quick example?  Take an otherwise normal, regular person off the street and put them in a uniform.  What often happens?  It’s like the thing somehow becomes Superman’s phone booth only instead of transforming Clark Kent into Superman it turns Joe Normal into an asshole.

A lot of authority is oppressive.  A little authority can often times be worse!

Some people in uniforms are just an example and being an asshole is not mutually exclusive to them.  Anyone who takes themself and their position too serious has that rectal quality that compresses violent communication toward the blowhole of my cerebral cortex.

I’m referring to that egocentric and authoritative attitude that certain people carry that refuses to allow even a crack of levity to breech any of their interactions. 

With everything we have to deal with, taking yourself seriously is so first world.  Or better yet, so third dimension.  It’s some kind of evolutionary, pseudo-mature ego trip that spreads dullness and boredom throughout the lands.  Just what we need!

Suzanne read something to me the other night that spawned this rant and is going to become my axiom.  “Laughter is the highest spiritual quality”.  It’s just so simple and makes so much sense for a world with any future.

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