Monday, 14 May 2012

Honesty Or Pinko Subversion - A Happy Little Perspective on the Evolution of Civilization or the Paranoid Ramblings of a Blogging Madman!

Yikes, what a title but I honestly don’t know what honesty means anymore. 
It just seems to me that there is a lot less spontaneity or individuality left in the mainstream.  Maybe it’s always been like this and it just seems more prevalent now because of the Internet.  I often feel like somebody or some groups are constantly creating ideas and rallying support for them through well-crafted campaigns designed to coral us into a bunch of meaningless directions?

Here comes the conspiracy theory stuff - it’s obvious we have the technology in place that makes it way easier to create and disseminate these opinions.  I’m just afraid that the unfortunate objective of the message is to keep our eye off the ball and keep us somehow wasting time in the perversity of this paradigm.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a firm believer that there is remarkable creativity happening in cyber-space.  Take this blog for example (LOL, LMFAO, OMG, BTW)!  Seriously, I think it’s one of the most important art forms and communications tools to have ever been created by humanity.  Unfortunately though, far too often it’s reduced to its basest form; a mere tool to put more money in the pocket of greed capitalists and when this happens, the direction has little truthful relevancy and just this singular destination. 

The direction is the direction is the direction and as long as it achieves the goal of getting people to spend their money on it, it’s allowed to be the truth for a while. 

We read stuff that is topical for a while, we vote for stuff that is topical for a while, we buy stuff that is topical for a while, we want to go places that are topical for a while.  Where do these topical determinations come from? 

Think of how often we notice something for the first time and then within the span of mere days or weeks it’s ubiquitous?  I’m amazed when this happens, I stand in awe of how this thing has hit the tipping point and become so popular and seemingly important, when it had never even been heard of just a few weeks prior. 

How does this happen – is it arbitrary or contrived?

We often appear not that concerned about the message or its usefulness.  It’s like our will to like or dislike is being directed outside of us – that we are becoming so accustomed to being told, that we’ve somehow stopped discerning necessary from frivolous.

This is all well and good when it sways us to purchase a simple consumer good but unfortunately, it’s long been way more than that.  We’ve gotten to a point where media or interest groups have delineated political philosophy in a box.  A kind of a media roadside belief kit and not to be overly dramatic, but now the Earth’s mere existence is at stake.

I guess for me it comes down to this simple yet obscure question - Is the development of wealth more important than a polar bear?

Let me see if I can explain. 

What if the reptilian freaks that have run this world since Krishna was a cowboy have created all these little boxes just to keep us busy?  Let’s have a quick gander at this - a kind of abridged history of civilization, Jerry-style. 

Who has developed our socio-economic systems from as far back as we can remember?  I’ll tell you who - men have.  Oh, and by men I mean the humans that are scrotally-endowed.  What has always been the foremost interest that men have?  I mean other than pulling their knuckles up off the ground long enough to chase down and screw that hot little thing in the tight top.  Their foremost interests have always been exactly that - their interests, their self-interests. 

Our civilization has been created by a bunch of dudes who were only interested in what they were interested in.  And that was making sure they amassed as much of whatever was deemed worthy at the time and that it was collected and stored away in whatever the hell they stored it in. 

It was making sure they had as much to eat and drink, as they wanted.  It was making sure that they had an endless bevy of women to exploit and it was making sure that they had complete and utter control of the rulebook, so they could change one of them whenever something cropped up that was going to jeopardize one of their interests. 

This is not rocket science.  How did all the post-modern philosophers miss this?  Oh yeah, for the most part they were testiculated members of the ruling class right?

Every civilization worthy of hanging around for a century or two has been created by a few guys for the sake and benefit of those few guys.  The masses have always been used exclusively as a workforce and seldom, even today, is it done progressively.

Now I’m guessing that these guys can’t really be faulted for their oligarchical ways. They were usually born into it and it eventually became cultural.

So our early trendsetters really knew no different.  Personally though, and this is taking positional evolution into account, if I had to direct a genocide or even do something as insignificant as cut the head off of a guy with a varying opinion, I’m sure it would have crossed my highly undeveloped mind that something must be a wee bit askew.  Anyway, just sayin.

So as time went on, these other dudes came around who were really smart, forward thinkers and realized something had to be done with the workforce.  These guys realized they had better get control of the worker-bees before they wizened up and became dangerous. These cats went and introduced an organized sense of spiritual cohesion complete with a manipulative code of morality to keep the masses in check. 

Besides, the first guys – the ones who created the economies, were kind of barbarian-like and didn’t seem to have the capacity to think much beyond swinging swords, eating animals and bedding damsels.  It looked like, if left to their own devices, they could screw the whole thing up.

Somehow, these enlightened guys needed to shift the balance of power away from the wealthy.  These smart dudes not only got to change the rules to make themselves wealthy, but they got to change the morality to keep them above the wealth.  It was ingenious.  Ingenious and perfectly corrupt!  Even more perfectly corrupt than the guys who created the civilizations.

This is really how our “civilization” has grown up.  Based on a few men of wealth, power, or eternal damnation.  At some point we decided to build a society on the premise of an old boys network and we have never really veered away from it.

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.  We’ve obviously made some bad decisions in the last 8,000 or 9,000 years. What we are living is dishonest.  It’s built on a construct of diversion and distraction and it’s got to stop. 

We all have jobs, right?  Jobs that we excitedly earned through the sweat and labour of our education.  Education that was happily provided by an academia designed and created through millennia by our forward thinking ancestors. Jobs, that for the most part, keeps us running around doing stuff for 40 plus hours a week or about 40% of our waking time on the planet.  Usually we do this, excitedly anticipating Friday at five so we can commence the weekend self-medication process in an effort to stave off Monday at eight.

We continue responsibly down this path, till god knows when we can stuff enough pennies into a tax shelter to get off the wheel.  Often we get off just in time to discover a metastasized tumour welded to one of our major organs.  Then we allow western medicine to pump us full of toxic poison in an effort to slow the development of the mass, and never once do we take the time to discuss the lifestyle choices that developed the hideous thing in the first place.  So we just go along living the same delusions and relying on poison to be our salvation.

Oh and let’s not lose sight of the fact that as we’re culturally programmed to do, we do this in an effort to keep a small number of humans wealthy and a whole bunch more in shackles. 

Whaaaaaaaat?  Is this the premise for some new dystopian science fiction novel?  No siree Bob, it’s our reality! 

I’ll take the polar bear!

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