Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Inspiration For Writing - Ugh Humanity!

Whenever I’m desperate for any creative inspiration all I really have to do is go to trusty ol’ Huffington Post or any other news outlet site.  Just recently for example.  Imagine my delight when I read about the little buffoons that that big buffoon Donald Trump spawned.  Apparently these two fine young specimens enjoy taking down large wild African animals.  These geniuses were on a big-game hunt last year and shot - get this - elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.

I can’t even comprehend the intelligence quotient of someone in possession of a high-powered rifle at the edge of a riverbank leveling it at a crocodile from a distance.  Talk about sport!

The eldest of the pair of morons defended their “hunt” on Twitter.  Tweating the following ingenious justification - “In some parts (of Africa) it’s over populated (with animals)” and “Bottom line with out hunters $ there wouldn’t be much left of Africa.  Eco is nice but no $”.

This provokes a couple of questions.

Why on earth did our eco have to grow up poor?

Why on earth did Donald Trump’s little tadpoles have to be fertile?

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  1. Unfortunately Jerry, there are many more of those little "tadpoles" out there in our world!! Very sad indeed!!