Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Kid's In Greece

At the risk of abasing myself (like I haven’t done that five or ten or a million times), I’m writing what I guess amounts to as a “brag” post about my kid.  I’m sorry.  It makes me sick too when parents go on endlessly about their kids.  We can only hope that it turns out to be a little more than that.

My kid is living this summer in Greece.  To be more specific she’s living in Pachia Ammos on the island of Crete.  This is one of those ridiculously idyllic picturesque Greek towns that we’ve either visited or seen in magazines and movies that make us all wonder why the hell we live where we do.  It’s a tiny town of some 400 people, without a Pharmacia or an ATM but in perfect Greek symmetry, has two Tavernas and a couple of small hotels.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

400ppm - That's It! Printer Boy Is Ready For Some Obedient Civil Disobedience!

Hey people, did you hear the news?

Last week as I was maneuvering my Japanese carbon emitter home, I heard on the radio that scientists have been taking consistent readings of over 400ppm of carbon dioxide in the Arctic.  This is now well above the 350ppm that is considered a sustainable amount of emissions.

Awesome huh?  Imagine how lucky we are to be experiencing this first hand.  I mean think about it, the last time there was this much CO2 on the planet, was 800,000 years ago.  Boy, are we ever lucky!  Sounds like winning the lottery huh?

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pets - WTF?

They say it was about 9,000 BCE, during the Mesolithic Period that humans first started to domesticate animals, starting with the dog.  Oh, those damn Mesolithicians!

We have a dog.  Don’t tell anyone, but I guess I love the little bastard.  They say familiarity breed’s contempt but I think the inverse is true as well.  If you’re faced with the same little panting sack of halitosis, walking on top of you in bed, day after day, I guess it’s damn near impossible not to develop some sort of affection for what is ultimately a scourge, a blight, an affront to me and my lifestyle.