Tuesday, 5 June 2012

400ppm - That's It! Printer Boy Is Ready For Some Obedient Civil Disobedience!

Hey people, did you hear the news?

Last week as I was maneuvering my Japanese carbon emitter home, I heard on the radio that scientists have been taking consistent readings of over 400ppm of carbon dioxide in the Arctic.  This is now well above the 350ppm that is considered a sustainable amount of emissions.

Awesome huh?  Imagine how lucky we are to be experiencing this first hand.  I mean think about it, the last time there was this much CO2 on the planet, was 800,000 years ago.  Boy, are we ever lucky!  Sounds like winning the lottery huh?

Hmmm, I wonder what it is that could be so greatly aiding this new greenhouse gas milestone?  Do you think it might have something to do with what the International Energy Agency announced last week about how in 2011 - CO2 emissions from fossil fuels hit a record 34.8 billion tonnes?  Just for fun that’s 76,720,000,000,000 lbs.

Or could it be that the single greatest democratic enterprise on the planet offers its opposition to the status quo in the form of a gaggle of cartoon characters that want to pretend that global warming doesn’t even exist.  They hope beyond hope that they can deceive the American public long enough to oust the heretic Obama, and ensure once and for all that their slavering orgy of fossil fuel profits continues for as long as they can personally benefit.   

Or possibly it’s because this greed capitalism, in hand with conventional partisan politics has created such perversity on this planet that Mr. Obama, the Bugs Bunny character in the Looney Tunes that is American politics, virtually never even mentions climate change because being mired in the midst of an election campaign - it just doesn’t poll very well.

Doesn’t it seem fitting that the only real analogy I can come up with to clearly convey my thoughts about the surreal state of Global politics is classic cartoons.  What I read and see on the news is really not a whole lot less preposterous than Marvin and his Martian cohorts using an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator to eradicate Earth because it’s blocking their view of Venus.

Now being such a fervent Canadian, I know 400ppm can’t have anything to do with the maniacal antics of Stephen H. and his merry band of resource robbing illusionists and what they’re attempting to do with their Omnibus Bill C-38 and the tar sands, all under the guise of creating economic strength and balance.  Nooooo, this absolutely has nothing to do with it.

Just a second…doesn’t Omnibus Bill C-38 sound a lot like Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator?  Told you this was the cartoons!

BTW, if you want a knee slapping read, try this: http://griponclimate.org/category/dad-seriously-wtf/

It’s funny how we react to numbers these days.  Like if three of the 000’s just disappeared from 76,720,000,000,000, would we really even notice or comprehend the impact?  It’s like when I heard on the radio last week about us breaching the 400ppm mark.  They may as well have said that the science community had baked 400 really tasty cookies, for all the impact it had.  We are so inundated with statistics and confounded with information that it sometimes seems really difficult to care anymore.

Anyway, enough already!  We all know where quoting statistics and ranting vehemently usually gets us.  Absolutely nowhere! 

If you talk to members of the younger generation, those with their noses stuck in their laptops half their waking time, they’ll tell you that they’re sick and tired of reading anymore global warming (or any other emotionally charged) rants on the internet.  What they want to read about is what the hell action people are taking to actually do something about it.

All I know is that I’ve had enough.  400ppm has pushed me over the edge.  I’ve done a lot over the last year to change my existence but it’s still been pretty comfortable and conventional.  Well get ready, cause it’s about to get crazy.  It’s time to move forward with action.

Last night was June 04 and it was the very first of twenty-one consecutive days of a Peace Meditation on Parliament hill.  This is being organized in conjunction with our guru dude from India - Swamiji.  Similar Peace Meditations have taken place in Washington, Toronto and Vancouver and we figured it was high time the capital of this country had one. 

I tried to get them to call it “Occupy Enlightenment” but those damn Ashramites thought it too radical.

So if anyone out there wants to join in with some peaceful activism, or possibly you just want to live out that lifelong desire to offset missing out on the 60’s, there will be a gathering for one hour, every weeknight between 7-8pm and Saturday and Sunday between 10-11 am beside the eternal flame until June 24.  You really can’t miss the group.  They’ll be the ones boisterously meditating.

Don’t fret if the idea of meditation intimidates you.  It’s simple to do and you will be guided throughout.   And whenever you feel silly you can at anytime quickly open up one eye and check to make sure that everyone else isn’t pointing and laughing at you.

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