Monday, 26 March 2012

Introductory Note

This is my second blog.  You can read the first one at  The first one, although much narrower in scope, was such an enjoyable experience that I’ve decided a second, far more expansive blog is necessary.  I use this term very loosely, as it is necessary to me and me only.  I have however; boldly adorned a pair of rose coloured glasses and a delusional belief that I have a voice that others may be interested in hearing.  And as I have already quit my day job, what the hell, I’ve got nothing better to do. 

You will find a couple of sickeningly autobiographical posts sprinkled in initially.  I’m doing this for one obvious reason. So obvious in fact, that I feel the need to explain it.  As I’ve presumptuously chosen to write on the subject of life and spirituality there are a number of things about me that I need to get out in the open from the start.  If you know me, you may find some of it shocking or possibly it may just provide an explanation or two.   Regardless, it will just add some needed perspective.

As has been my recent tendency, I have and will continue to splay myself emotionally and philosophically within the content of this blog.  I will also shamelessly promote this blog using all forms of Social Networking and any other way I can possibly think of to attract a reader.  I don’t care if you write it in lipstick on the mirror of your local pub or scratch it into the glass of a phone booth (like these exist any longer) just please feel free to share the link with anyone you know.

There is a travel blog that I occasionally read called the “Everywhereist”.  At times it’s quite humourous.  The author is obviously a person of integrity as she clearly states on the blog that she is not interested in advertising, sponsorships, nor will she review products in exchange for free samples.

I too am a person of integrity.  A lot of the content you are about to read may lead you to believe otherwise but let me clearly state that I am totally interested in advertising, sponsorship and will review the kibble you feed your pet parakeet if it means I’ll get something free in return. 

Of course the raw materials for the kibble will have to be acquired directly from small scale, fair-trade organic farmers and co-ops.  This will of course need to be certified and auditable.  The end product must be produced in biodynamic carbon neutral manufacturing facilities that can prove their commitment to sustainability by utilizing alternative energies such as biogas, wind, solar or other such greenhouse gas emissions reductions initiatives.  Once produced and packaged in compostable packages, or at the very least using certified sustainable paper from managed forests that maintain bio-diversity programs and respect the treaty rights of any of the native North Americans located near or on the logging site, it will be prepared for shipment using shipping containers that do not utilize plastic shrink wrap.  The product must then be transported in hybrid delivery vehicles that adhere to the marked speed limits of all jurisdictions throughout the journey and follow the anti-idling initiatives of the local municipality at the final destination.  The retail outlet will of course have to have a section on their website dedicated to their environmental initiatives in regard to packaging and disposal of all waste product. 

Oh and you will have to prove to me that there has not been irreversible damage done to the Parakeet species through the generations of domesticating and selling birds as pets.

But other than that, I will do just about anything, as long as it stays a hair inside the realm of good taste, if it will provide me a modicum of revenue.   This, my dear friends, I believe to be the cyclical nature of the universe.   

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